Sweat the small stuff
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Sweat the Small Stuff

In life, don’t bother sweating the small stuff. As the saying goes, life is (much) too short.

When it comes to software testing and quality assurance, SWEAT IT. Detail is everything.

In our commitments to clients and projects, we work in such a methodical fashion that we’re able to break down our tasks and drill down on the detail. Obviously, we don’t mean focus on disparities in colour or text, or typos – the lower level defects you might find – but add value by understanding the brief, the business pain points and how to test in a logical way that draws such potential defects to the surface.

Whether processes are documented in a business or project, we utilise the skill-set of others around us to help us understand how this particular client will utilise the system in a way that best suits their practices and needs. We become best friends with Functional Consultants, Developers and Business Analysts for this reason. Ultimately, when we don’t collaborate, our chance of project success diminishes.

In our approach, we want to pull all the bugs to the surface. As the project rumbles on and timelines alter, we often apply a risk-based approach to achieve this. What clients don’t often realise, is that we can use a hybrid approach and a range of different strategies to make best use of the time available in finding obstacles when it comes to quality. Each project comes with a different remit and naturally, a different approach.

If you’re ready to sweat the small stuff, we can be found on hello@fortitude17.com

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