World mental health day
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World Mental Health Day 2022

Supporting and prioritising health amongst our employees is something we feel very strongly about at Fortitude 17.

As a company founded by and with former athletes, we understand the levels of stress we can put our bodies and minds through from time to time, and the kindness and compassion needed to reverse the debt we pay towards stress and other challenges in life. We’re passionate when it comes to enabling our team to be the best version of themselves and as a small step in that direction, every employee at Fortitude 17 receives a quota of “mental health” days.

What is a Fortitude 17 Mental Health day?

Our employees can take a day off to focus on recuperating and feeling better in themselves. The best thing about these days? They can be utilised at any time and do not impact their other leave quotas.

When our consultant needs time out of office, we replace them in the interim with another consultant. It’s that simple. We have a no-questions-asked policy, other than to check in and ensure our employee has everything they need to relax and enjoy some downtime for themselves.

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