Can We Honestly Assure Quality
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Can We Honestly Assure Quality?

In a word, no. Anyone that does guarantee you that your system will be full of quality is probably lying.

The art of testing does not guarantee quality. Testing will – when facilitated effectively – improve the quality of a system and will remove defects from your software, alas, there isn’t really a way of knowing if all defects have been removed entirely. Remember, exhaustive testing is impossible. 

As we’ve discussed previously, there are methods are improving your probability of:

  1. Finding bugs
  2. Your system’s quality
  3. Your project’s rate of success

How do we begin to figure out our best practices?

Look to the top of the testing chain: the Test Manager. 

The Test Manager should implement a sound strategy and detailed processes from the outset. Whilst all stakeholders have a natural investment in testing, the Test Manager will be able to boost the project by:

  • Assessing risk
  • Planning and organising meticulously 
  • Displaying leadership qualities and direction to the Test Team
  • Communicating effectively across all units

…to name just a few activities.

So next time you’re advised by a consultancy that the quality of your system can be assured, reach out to us instead for an honest appraisal.

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