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Our Story

We started Fortitude 17 Limited over 5 years ago with a belief that we would hire the best people to grow our consultancy to be able to aid clients implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 (D365) solutions. 

Our founder, Emma, has worked in the AX and Dynamics space for over 8 years and was one of the first Test Leads in the UK to work with D365. 

Just over a decade ago, Emma’s closest friend was embarking on what was beginning to be a successful testing career and Emma decided to forge her own path in the profession. With no testing roles or opportunities materialising in her current company, she decided to apply for a Desktop Support job instead, thinking that if she learned the hardware elements, when the time came, the software would make more sense. With no experience at the time, she got the job.

A year later, Emma decided that with still no jobs in software testing arising, she planned to leave the company – albeit reluctantly. The very same day, 6 Trainee Test Analyst roles were launched as part of a Test Academy in her company. She applied, passed all aptitude tests and was offered the job. The rest is history. Within 8 months, Emma moved into the world of contracting and launched her first software testing company.

Since then, she has trained up a number of people without experience in the art of quality assurance. All of whom still remain in the profession, becoming Test Analysts and Test Leads in the process. 

This has also become the foundation of what our company has been built on. We hire great people, quite simply. The rest, we teach and support our consultants with. Our consultants are all ISTQB certified and have completed training programmes on Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions.


We invest. We invest our time and energy into our staff so they are confident in how best to support our clients. As a team, we have access to a live D365 Finance & Operations environment to continue to train, coach and learn. 

How many businesses do you know that are investing so heavily in their people?

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