How Do I Mitigate Risk
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How Do I Mitigate Risk?

As you likely know by now, risk is basically unavoidable. However, you can mitigate risk by operating in a composed and forward-thinking manner.

For those of us that work with clients on projects – transformation and implementation projects – we’re sure that you can’t recall a time where the project went smoothly and to plan. For us, that’s part of the magic of our work.

With the best planning in place and the best approach outlined well in advance, it’s extremely likely that the reality of a project deviates away from the plan from time-to-time.

How do we prevent this?

Actually, we don’t – because we can’t.

Instead, we think ahead to contingency and to hypothetical outcomes which might help correct the course of action when the time comes. One way we can mitigate risk is to capture all concerns in a Risk Log. Whilst most of you are familiar with a Risk Log and aware that it’s largely looked after by the Project Manager, did you know us that Test Managers also feedback into that register too? Part of our job as Test Managers is to pitch our risk-worries relating to testing and quality, and the earlier we convey such concerns, the better.

It’s likely that during project time, our time in software testing gets condensed for one reason or another (see previous articles for further detail on this) but we have strategies we can call upon to boost our project’s chances of success.

We won’t spoil the fun and share those just now – that’s what you hire us for – but here’s the #QuestionOfTheDay:

Are you and your Test Team doing enough to mitigate risk?

If not, you know where to find us.

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