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Why Software Testing & Training?

One thing we’re often asked is how did we come to be a software testing and training organisation.

For us, it’s a simplistic and straightforward answer: because software testing is a natural segue into training.

Within software testing, as you know, there are different facets within the broader testing spectrum. We have to consider testing phases that include system and integration testing, before heading over to user acceptance testing (UAT). When it comes to UAT, we’ve seen firsthand how varied the test groups’ learning as individuals can be. Some folk are very tech-competent, displaying confidence in their approach to testing by working through test scripts and volunteering feedback almost immediately. On the other side of the coin, we have users who need additional support to help them through this impending change of system, whether it’s because they’ve become comfortable with how they utilise the legacy software or because they’re not as tech-fluent as others might feel. 

As a company, we recognise the importance of engaging UAT participants and appreciate that their commitment shapes a better system launch.

This is why we have an invested approach to training our clients too. Working so contextually within the system allows us to to demonstrate and lead users through the typical practices and support their learning needs as part of the testing process and more importantly, prior to the system going live. 

We showcase the system using interactive workshops and create training materials that are designed to engage those who are not entirely comfortable when it comes to learning a new software application. Our work is crafted in such a fashion, that our UAT participants often become the SMEs when the system goes live. 

To find out how we can support your testing and training needs, contact us on hello@fortitude17.com

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