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Our Business Model

What Do We Do?

At Fortitude 17 Limited, we provide software testing and training services to clients. Whilst we specialise in Microsoft Dynamics solutions, we have worked across a number of different sectors to support our clients and have progressed such transformation projects in the property, manufacturing, fashion and media sectors. Our remit is not limited to MS Dynamics, however, as we build testing and training frameworks relating to other systems, including web and mobile software.

Where Does Our Experience Lie?

When it comes to testing, we cover it all. We work across every phase of the SDLC (and STLC) and manufacture a framework that fuses BAU Test Teams and our own quality assuring tactics. We particularly love to work on greenfield projects and engage with clients as early as the project initiation and design phases for their respective transformation plans. That said, we also appreciate that our clients sometimes need a fresh perspective part way through a project – or even after implementation – and we have experience of building structured practices and regression suites to address follow-up phases of the project or regular system updates.

How Do We Work?

We function in a hybrid type of way. We tailor our approach and resource to meet the requirements of our clients. If a small-midsize client needs test or training resource to complement their project team, we can utilise one of our Leads for 1-2 days per week and one of our Analysts to complete the work. Utilising this approach, we consider our client’s budget along with their requirements and our levels of excellence.

How Do Clients Benefit From Our Services?

With our support and expertise, clients will have a structured approach to all their testing requirements. With strategy and plans in place to increase the quality throughout the system and the overall success of the project, we take the lead on quality assurance. Our close working relationship with end users leads us to a natural segue into training. Having heard the feedback and frustrations of end users as part of User Acceptance Testing cycles, we work with businesses to provide bespoke training solutions by means of peer workshops, as well as automated or detailed step-by-step guides

How Do Recruiters Fit Into Our Model?

We are working selectively with recruiting experts in our space to build lasting relationships with clients. Whilst CVs and one-to-one contract fulfilments are a thing of our past, we are presenting as a consultancy that will adapt swiftly to meet the demands of a client’s transformation project. We provide business proposals on request.

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