What training do you offer?

As well as specialising in Microsoft Dynamics 365 testing support, we work with clients to deliver task recording training guides and playback files to complement your recent Dynamics implementation. We work across all Dynamics solutions, too.

Aside from Dynamics, we work with other solutions and can deliver training to a team based on a syllabus created by the client. We are not limited to a holistic approach or just one system.

Do you ‘train the trainer’ too?

Absolutely! As a natural test consultancy, our roles are very closely aligned with the business end users of a product. As we support users regularly as part of testing, we are accustomed to the type of queries that are presented by business stakeholder and therefore, understand the client in a different way that other teams within a project.

We work with key business representatives on a recurring basis and to ensure the longevity of a solution, are keen to impart as much knowledge to our client counterparts as possible. We have experience of training super users and SMEs across different sectors and industries as well as different solutions and systems.

Do you deliver training in person or online?

We deliver training workshops either onsite or online to the clients – though we have noticed a higher demand for online sessions. Get in touch to discuss the options available.

What if the system we need training on isn’t Microsoft Dynamics?

Not a problem. Our consultants will work alongside you to understand and meet your requirements. Our consultants are familiar with the concept of learning new systems and understanding how to deliver technical information in a friendly and informative way.