So, what else can we do?

As well as specialising in Microsoft Dynamics 365 testing support, we are also able to provide services in testing and assuring the quality of websites and applications (including mobile).

Does my website need testing?

Fortitude 17 believes that in order for all technology to deliver the consistency required to meet the demands of business, the product should be reviewed and fine-tuned until it reaches such a standard. Whether it’s an online purchasing website that needs to manage high demand and traffic accordingly or if you want a specialist review ahead of launching a new gaming application, our consultants are here to help.

Can you offer direction and strategy to our business?

Whether a client has officially kicked off a project or is simply looking to garner expertise initially, we are here to help. We liaise closely with CIOs and Project Managers looking to structure a new team and identify their testing needs.

Are you able to advise and coach our current test resource?

Absolutely. We have experience of acquiring our clients’ employees to work alongside our test consultants and enjoy seeing their progress and passion for testing develop during the project. All of our consultants are ISTQB-certified, too, so we can advise clients on not only professional test practices, but how to become certified also.

For further particulars or a quote, please contact us using the Contact page.

Our Clients

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