Microsoft Dynamics

Fortitude 17 specialises in the provision of software testing and training services to clients and their end users.

As a Microsoft Partner, our consultancy supports the needs of project teams implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 as well as the testing of other systems, including client websites.

Software testing is integral to the success of any software implementation project. Often the neglected stage in the software development lifecycle due to time constraints, testing provides both business confidence and quality assurances to the client.

Working with directors, partners and other key stakeholders, we provide innovative solutions to enterprise-level Microsoft Dynamics projects and deliver such services with a meticulous and methodical approach.

Working with clients in need of training support and resource, we provide specialist training solutions for Microsoft Dynamics 365 or bespoke IT training requirements that cover a range of applications and operating systems.

Fortitude 17 affords their clients the opportunity to train employees in the art of testing, as well using Microsoft test tools, including Test Manager and other elements of Microsoft Azure DevOps.